Life in PSNM

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R & D

  • Abdul Zahier Mechanical | Designer

    As fresh graduate working as Mechanical engineer in R&D department is big opportunity for me. At here, I can get many knowledge and upgrade my technical skill. Here also I learn the important things like teamwork spirit. Thank you PANASONIC for willing to take me as an engineer

  • Kartikesu Mechanical | Costing

    I work in PSNM R&D Department as a mechanical engineer. The job responsibility assign to me is developing new product/prototype for Mass production approval .In order to develop a prototype, there are many aspect need to be consider such as mechanical structure, quality, performance and the end –user satisfaction .These challenges are not resolved on individual but as a whole team. Team work will always produce good result on benefit of individual as well the business organization.

  • Syed Ahmeed Fadzlyzam Packaging | Designer

    I love working at PSNM because here we have a good environment, such as communication with other colleagues. We work together in a team from zero until completed all the task. From there, we shared the knowledge and experience to gain personal skills as an engineer.

  • Norhumairah Packaging | Graphic

    We develop the design, style and graphics on a package and we responsible for the visual and feel of a product and the way a product is presented on shelf.

  • Eka Susanti Software | Engineering

    Hi! I'm Eka, I've join R&D almost 15 years.
    First, I felt nervous, worried and if I can do it.
    But, I said to myself, you'll never knew your capability if you never try and challenge new things.
    Luckily with strong team work, experiences colleagues, come from good mentoring and coaching, I earn such incredible and valuable of knowledge.

Information System

  • Adzam Software Engineer

    It’s been a great journey for me to have an opportunity to work here in PSNM. Even it’s been very challenging for me at the beginning, but I always make it through with the support provided. I also have been given an opportunity to explore other things that are in my interest, this is the place to always see your talent and where you’ve been given a chance to do something that you love.

  • Mei Software Engineer

    I am grateful for the opportunity to experience working at a great workplace such as PSNM, because PSNM is a safe, secure and collaborative environment that is surrounded by kind, supportive and sociable colleagues. It cannot be denied that these are the perspectives that always motivate me to be more positive and productive at work.

  • Roszaini Infrastructure System Senior Engineer

    PSNM is not just place for me to develop my career and  skill improvement. But also give me their great working environment that drove me for excellence. Thanks for opportunities that PSNM give, really appreciated!

  • Lee Infrastructure System Engineer

    I’m appreciated to have an opportunity to work at PSNM. I’m able to learn a lot of experience. They will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities, and senior willing to give a hand to guide me to resolve the issue. I am enjoying to working with everyone.