ESD Checker System

An eletrocstatic discharge (ESD) system solution to effectively protect your company against economic damage resulting from ESD. This system not only works as a stand-alone, but is also able to integrate with our Attendance Visualization System (AVS).

System Features


Immediate Notification
The system detects and notifies promptly when ESD check fails. Hence, immediate action could be taken to check whether the anti-static wrist strap is faulty or it is not worn properly.

Real Time Visualization
Enables real time monitoring of ESD status of employees.

Generates Report
Exports report into Excel format. We can customize the report layout and contents based on your requirements.

Verification by Authorized
Authorized personnel could check and verify employees on the spot whether all employees comply to the ESD checking rule.

User Interface (UI)

Customizable Authority

Checking Verification

Monthly Report

Employee Checker

Real Time Monitoring

Export Report